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Essential Oil Healing Deck

Essential Oil Healing Deck

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Which oil will work for you? This beautiful illustrated 52-card deck + booklet will help you understand the benefits of a variety of essential oils and harness their healing powders. Essential oils have been used for therapeutic purposes for more than 6,000 years, and today many turn to these substances for Theo healing properties, whether they want to address a physical ailment or find emotional balance. Drawing from from her expertise and hands on experience with these powerful oils, Dr. Michelle Schoffro Cook has created a colorful and user friendly card deck and booklet. Each of the 52 cards outlines the properties of an essential oil, ranging from frankincense to lavender, while the booklet provides a comprehensive introduction to these oils without their history and applications. With a ranger of ideas for using the oils to strengthen physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, this essential reference helps readers to take full advantage of their healing potential. Card deck; 3 3/4x6inch

Made in United States

Dimensions: 3x6in (7.6x15.2cm)

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