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Spirit Allies Oracle Cards

Spirit Allies Oracle Cards

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Guidance is available to you on each step of upgrading r journey- be open to receiving it and welcome in the many blessings your Spirit Allies have to offer. Once you do, get ready to see signs everywhere! Their support, guidance, and protection arrive in many forms, be it symbols and synchronicities, or dreams and whispers. Tap

Into your intuitive gifts and their uplifting presents through this 60 card oracle deck

And reflect upon its meaning in the guidebook. You’ll have the pleasure of connecting more deeply with the plant, animal, crystal, goddess archetypes, and cosmic Allie’s that are presented to encourage your highest self to blossom from within. Kit: 2 3/4x 4 3/4 inches; 80 pages


Made in United States

Dimensions 2x4 inches (5.1x10.2 cm)

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